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Why Can't Penguins Fly?

Our show is a fact based show, like learning at university but a bit more fun and interesting. Each week one of us brings a new interesting fact/information about something that we should probably already know but don't, e.g. How do tides work and why? We also have a section where we 'bust myths' in which we take things that our commonly thought of as facts and prove that they are wrong, e.g. Daddy Long Legs are the most poisonous insect in the UK. We have a game where one of us presents a true fact and a fake fact and the other two have to determine which is fake and which is real. The show will also have quite a lot of music so all the information doesn't get too monotonous, including our 'Cheesy Chooon' of the week that we will each take turns to choose. ( for podcasts)
Hosted by Catherine Garner, Anna Staufenberg, Leah Cowling and Cameron Chapman

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