Student Radio from Scotland's Capital
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Those Damn Americans

We're two guys from the States who love music and realize that we're not in Kansas anymore. Every hour of "Those Damn Americans," we'll highlight our triumphs and struggles in becoming residents (Short term student visa we promise we won't work or volunteer!) of Edinburgh. The meat of our show will feature our favorite tunes -- songs we've grown up with, as well new releases we discovered only yesterday. Lastly -- but in all reality most likely at the top of the hour -- we'll share a few news stories from the week that we feel stand out in highlighting similarities or differences between Edinburgh and the states. At the end of the day, we're here to create an auditory space in which listeners can come together. We might bring guests in for interviews if we feel as though there's a topic on which someone we know is an authority. We would also appreciate the capability to take calls, either on a landline or internet-based service. We also might include sound recorded from the field. For our news segment, we hope to include sound extracted from radio/tv/internet videos.
Hosted by Camden Bickel and Alex Klavens