Student Radio from Scotland's Capital
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The Bigger Pitcher

Escape your everyday and travel away: that time the radio studio became an airplane.
How often, my friends, have you come back from travelling your pockets full of stories and ridiculous encounters only to realise that your family Has anyone ever gently prodded at you with the sarcastic 'Oh my god you went to [thisplace?]? I didn't know'? Are there tons of places you still want to explore? Or have you spent all your student money on coffee and so you're too broke to? Perfect, all of these contradicting and complex cases are also what embody me. And so, what better than discussing it over a nice handful of tunes once a week on FreshAir? This is a show about places and faces, riddled by the ghost of the 'gap ya' - we will be exploring the world from the comforting nest of this radio studio to speak about all the countries and sights that exist: the customs and practices, the prejudices and realities of visitors, and escape - for a moment, the curdled mess that is our University year.
Hosted by Lila Pitcher

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