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Discussing the wildest socio-political phenomena in peak millennial fashion. Don't forget to tune in to listen to your resident angsty Gen-Zers (aka your favourite disaster duo) serving you that piping hot Sunday roast.

  • Rachel Lin
    Rachel Lin

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Episode 6:

On this week's episode, we talk about how many Gucci belts it takes to keep international students happy, the relationship between how much coint you have and how much clout you get, and what it

Episode 5: God said rest on the seventh day, so we did.

On this week's episode, we cool down on the roasting and soothe the burn(out) with some bangers - from political French rap to Asian soft boy tunes, guaranteed to either warm the heart or light

Episode 4: How long until we swim to the nearest Tesco?

On this week's episode, we talk about who needs to step up and claim climate change, how it's basically the fresh 21st-century brand of colonialism, and how we can actually talk about it in a

Episode 3: Some of you don't question your privilege and it shows.

On this week's episode, in honour of Black History Month, we discuss the Resisting Whiteness conference, muse about the saturation of Straight White Dead Males in the social sciences, and wonder when we'll  stop excusing

Episode 2: Serotonin? In this economy?

On this week's episode, in honour of Mental Health Awareness Week, we flex on academic hustle culture, discuss uni mental health facilities, and wonder what the heck is up with 13 Reasons Why- all this

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