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an eclectic memory show, with music relating to loose weekly themes. the show parallels a collaborative writing / photographic project called SLIDE BOX, which explores concepts of memory, more specifically concepts of nostalgia, and the materiality of memories, as well as the overarching commonalities of the human experience. The goal is to collect snip-its of memories from the public, submissions can be as short as a few lines, or as long as you like. No format or style requirements. They can also remain anonymous, or not. The idea is to paint a picture of what it is like to be a human, and explore how we can relate to each other through nostalgia. A collective story book, so to speak. Submit a story / memory accompanied by an image by emailing your submission could be as short as a line, or as long as you want. In any format or style. you will remain completely anonymous. deadline december 1 thank you for participating.
Hosted by Kember Vanderblue

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