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Lockdown Post-Credits Show, show 6

bit of a different show this week; in the wake of the black lives matter protests around the world, i decided it wouldn't be appropriate to do the usual larking about i do on the

Lockdown Post-Credits Show, show 5

who doesn't love robots! well, me. but ben loves them! so we're talking about robot films this week. is wall-e the best robot? survey says, absolutely. tracklist: 1. one more time - britney spears 2. la

Lockdown Post-Credits Show, show 4

last week was dogs, this week is CATS. we watched cats (2019) at the weekend, and it was horrific, but now we cannot think of anything else, so it's a feline show. lots of great

Lockdown Post-Credits Show, show 3

here on the post-credits show, we love 3 things: women, jk simmons, and DOGS. this week it's a dogs show, so we're talking all things canine. turns out, there are so many good dogs. in

Lockdown Post-Credits Show, show 2

everyone has more time to kill at the moment, and what better way to spend it than bingeing some good film franchises? so that's what we're discussing this week. all franchises discussed have the Hannah

Lockdown Post-Credits Show, show 1

folks - it's radio in the time of coronavirus! phew! fittingly, we're talking about films filmed in one location/building (mostly). ben, my lovely bf, is also here, and will be here for the foreseeable future,

Post-Credits Show 2.0, show 14

eilidh joins us this week to discuss her favourite films and to have a lovely chat about them. it's a very wholesome time, except for when she swears. but we'll forgive her, bc she is

Post-Credits Show 2.0, show 13

my good pal/sometimes enemy bruno is on the show this week, talking about his favourite films. some left-field suggestions, and some very-on-brand suggestions. we talk about parks for ages, and also i think argue? it's

Post-Credits Show 2.0, show 12

it's gay movies! movies about the gays! some of the best films ever are gay films! that's it! tracklist: 1. la jeune fille en feu - para one, arthur simonini 2. futile devices (doveman remix) - sufjan

Post-Credits Show 2.0, show 11

the oscars 2020 have been and gone, so laura is here again to chat about them with me. the filmsoc oscars party that i organised was a success, and the right best picture nom won

Post-Credits Show 2.0, show 10

it's the oscars soon, so to welcome in semester 2, i'm talking about the best picture noms at the oscars. discussed topics include: the unpredictability of the award, the clown and his undeserving-ness of best

Post-Credits Show 2.0, show 9

it's the last pcs of the decade! so i do a decade roundup, both of film and my life. it's a nice look-back at the 2010s, and man, were there some bangin films back this

Post-Credits Show 2.0, show 8

this week it's gianni versace's birthday, and i've been looking for a way to shoehorn in playing something from barry jenkins's 'if beale street could talk' for ages, so today's theme is fashionable films. i

Post-Credits Show 2.0, show 7

laura finally makes an appearance on the post-credits show! we saw marriage story and loved it and thought it was very funny, so we decided to do a show about comedy films. we love comedy,

Post-Credits Show 2.0, show 5

this week is 11/11, so the theme is war. i refuse to discuss my issues with the military complex, and instead just discuss good war films. war? bad. war films? some of them, great! i

Post-Credits Show 2.0, show 4

i have guests on the show this week! my good pals jack and kieran were up visiting me so i forced them to be on the radio with me. we talked about films we saw

Post-Credits Show 2.0, show 3

this week it's (almost) halloween! so the show is suitably ~spooky~. i took a few liberties with what it means to be a "spooky film", but listen - my show, my rules. thursday is such

Post-Credits Show 2.0, show 2

this week the theme is 'moon', and i don't just mean movies where they go to the moon. we can pretend it's because this year was the 50th anniversary of the moon landing, but really

Post-Credits Show 2.0, show 1

it's my first week back on the airwaves since jetting off to france for the year, and i'm determined to make my shows better than ever before - fittingly, then, the theme of this week's

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