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Every week I play a the work of a different hip hop artist. Working my way through their catalogue of music, coming out the other side with a better impression of them as an artist than when we went in.

  • Leo O'Mahony
    Leo O'Mahony

Latest Podcasts

Ep8. Wu-Tang Clan

Brief summary of the history of the Wu-Tang clan and some of their members. Also featuring music of those who they inspired. x

Ep7. Jay Z

Really fun episode on Jay Z x

Ep6. Notorious B.I.G.

Episode 5 documents the East Coast- West Coast Feud with a focus on Biggie Smalls x

Ep5. Eminem

Eminem this week. x

Ep4. Grime

Not an artist, but a genre. In this week's episode I looked at the grime genre, starting with Garage, ending with Dave. x

Ep3. Nicki Minaj

A journey through the catalogue of music of Nicki Minaj. x

Ep2. Nas

In episode two I covered the career of Nas. x

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