The title of the show came from me realising just how often I say 'Omg, and..' when telling my friends about new songs, albums and musical announcements. So this show is me extending that conversation - telling you about new songs, older songs I've just discovered and love, and news from bands and celebrities I'm invested in!

  • Meredith Thorpe
    Meredith Thorpe

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OMG AND Ep 5: 4/11

I finally have the Haim track I spent all of last week's episode discussing, as well as new Dua Lipa to start the show. After admitting I've been listening to Haim on repeat, I still

OMG AND Ep 4: 28/10

I start getting stressed just discussing the amount of new music coming out right now - Louis Tomlinson, Coldplay and King Princess to name just a few, and try to make 'release season' catch on.

OMG AND Ep 3: 21/10

This week on the show I start by discussing new Coldplay album rumours, correct myself halfway through when they confirm them, and spend the rest of the show wondering about the new double album! However

OMG AND Ep 2: 14/10

This week, sound the alarm! Harry Styles is back! I bask in the glory of having predicted this last week, and rant about how great his style is. I did manage to play other songs

OMG AND Ep 1: 7/10

I gush about the influx of post-1D tunes, playing Louis Tomlinson and Niall Horan's new songs, as well as the latest track from King Princess before her album release later this month. Also on the

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