Student Radio from Scotland's Capital
The first Arts Show of the semester was a packed one! Featuring discussions about elitism in the art world, the 'Black Students of Edinburgh' photo exhibition, and what's going on in the theatre world this week: 00:00:36 - Interview with Gina Isaacs, star of Kings Theatre's 'A Streetcar Named Desire' 00:19:07 - Fiona's interview with Michelle, co-founder of 'Travesty' Drag Night 00:31: 20 - Interview with Wami Aluko, student photographer of 'Black Students of Edinburgh' campaign 00:43:11 - Flora and Anna interview Freddie Thomas, curator of 'BONKERS Contemporary' 01:04:19 - Julie's theatre review: 'Jury Play' and 'Cockpit' 01:18:20 - Interview with Abi and Amelia from 'SULK' at Bedlam Theatre 01.30.53 - Camilla's interview with Phil O'Shea who runs 'Peter Pancakes'