Welcome to FreshAir.org.uk, Edinburgh’s student radio station.
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Acoustic Resistance

Underground dance music show showcasing house, techno, disco and all things in between. DJ Bolt aka DJ...
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Against the Grain

Music show
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Agony Ishbel

Got a problem? Ishbel can('t) solve it!
Join your favourite Agony Aunt on the airwaves and solve all of your problems! Ishbel and useless...
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All The Things I Should've Said

Music show
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Annex Arts Collective Radio Show

Music show
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Arts Team HUB Show!

Join FreshAir's Arts Team for your weekly dose of all things arty in Edinburgh! From independent film to...
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Music Show focusing on music sampling and covers.
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Bath time Turn Down

Bath time Turn Down with Lili and Becca. We're here to bring you some chilled vibes for your Sunday evening
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Music Show.
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cathartic music and conversations to simultaneously ignite and soothe the soul.
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Music show with live djing, different genre sets each week.
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Chill tunes with chilly people

Chill Tunes with Chilly People is a music show hosted by 3 very cold Americans living in Scotland who like...
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Cocoa Butter

Nostalgic tunes with a very blue-haired host...
Music Show - Playing 90's/00's Hip-Hop and R&B, featuring some great chat with some interesting people and...
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Coffee, with a dash of Gin

A show mainly highlighting Indie Folk music, with the occasional touch of House and Pop. So sit back and...
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Community Information Services

Music show
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Connecting the Dots

Every week, unlikely ideas and connections are drawn with the aid of some relevant music. Lightly scripted,...
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Talk show w. songs. We will be talking about the idea of content, how Western culture is awash in it, and...
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CULT is a talk show on contemporary art and visual culture. We often interview curators, gallerists, and...
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Dinner Thyme

Music Show
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Disco Diaries

Music show maybe with guests to interview or DJ live.
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Dom's Indie Hour

A music show playing hits indie hits, to old songs from the 70's and 80's, to any new indie songs or...
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Ed Campbell is Making Friends

Join Ed and a guest as they discuss their potential for being a friend for Ed- and maybe more!
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Electric Relaxation

Music Show.
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It is a music show covering several genres from jazz to psychedellic hip hop and acoustic folk. We will be...
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Escuchame is a music show which takes a different Scottish artist every week. It focuses on a mixture of...
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European Electronics

Buckle up for a smörgåsbord of the best electronic music from across the continent. Also check in for the...
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Mainly a music show focussing on movie soundtracks, also hoping to get different guests on the show, as...
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fonte da fraga

DJ duo TECHNICAL DIFFICULTIES aka gbeke 'Frosty-Tips' & maddy 'ZZZ' team up to bring you an eclectic mix...
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Fourcast is a radio show exactly like the Shipping Forecast except with less weather and more new music. Mondays at 4pm on Freshair.org.uk, let us predict your musical fortune.
Fourcast is a radio show exactly like the Shipping Forecast except with less weather and more new music....
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Glenn Sour's Magical Hour

Best funk, soul, R&B and disco through the ages.
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with Jelena and Abi
Music and chat based on different themes each week. Expect to learn something new, and cringe at our puns.
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Growing up a lady

It is a feminist, speech-based, show where I invite guest on to talk about their own experiences of sexism...
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A music show that celebrates the best of up and coming and alternative artists.
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Hidden Gems

A travel show that finds the hidden gems in every city! New guests will be interviewed each week from all...
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Homeward Sound

Each week, a new guest from a different place will be interviewed about their home— however they interpret...
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It is a music show where we are going to discuss a lot of our favourite tracks and new releases.
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House of Wax

For our show this year, the House of Wax, we aim to play and mix solely with vinyls. We both share a huge...
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Internet killed the video star

Music show, based on artists' most famous works, and their lesser known (but equally good) songs
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Internet Killed the Video Star

Music Show
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Issa Vibe

We play games and make bad jokes
Soak up in the sunny vibes of your favorite radio show, airing 10 -11 am on your lazy, hungover Sunday...
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A magical mystery tour of music through the ages from a variety of different genres.
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I believe the things that people enjoy about music aren't limited to genre, and in fact connections can be...
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Leiwand Oida

The Austrian way of music
In my show I will play Austrian, German and Swiss music and also music from the UK so that I can present...
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That cool refreshing drink!
Lemonade brings you everything from the songs you love to your next favourite track: Featuring an eclectic...
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leo's chamber of emotion

each show explores a feeling. skits and music.
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Long Player

Every week I delve into one record that deserves a bit of time and attention, talking about the themes and...
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Look Both Ways

A speech-based comedy hour, where myself and guests look back on experiences we've had and look forward to...
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Loose Threads

Each week we choose a word or theme and compile an eclectic playlist of songs to match
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A show that - hopefully - will make you think of the days of wine and roses, of summer nights and la dolce...
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Make Edinburgh Dance Again

Best of 4x4
Music show based around house/techno/disco spectrum, particularily with a focus on Edinburgh music scene.
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mid week balls deep

dive in
wednesdays 4-5pm (not 9-10pm we had 2 switch cos of our nightly berghain boiler room set) we're on the mic...
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Millikan's Drop

Long-running general show with a slight focus towards science-based chat. Think Radcliffe and Maconie on...
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MK on the Mic

Hosted by Meera Kumar. Sunday 12-2pm GMT.
Two hours of tunes, from hip hop to garage, with guest artists talking us through their radio debuts. Meera...
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Movements and Cultures

Talking about movements, cultures and occasionally individuals in the music scene.
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Movements and Cultures

Music show
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Music show
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A spotlight on the inspiration behind songs. Tune in for an eclectic playlist of classics, new releases and...
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Music For Your Uncle

Music Show
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Music Team HUB Show

The sounds of FreshAir.
Music Team's HUB show!
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News hub

News Team's hub show
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ode 2 my ipod

omg that is so fetch
bringing you all the noughites tunes and trivia to remind you of a simpler time of myspace and bebo and...
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Off the Cuff

Off the Cuff is a politics and current affairs show featuring interviews, discussions and debates with...
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Off the woodwork

A football based chat-show with weekly discussion of the latest football news, historical and cultural...
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Old new borrowed blue

A fairly even split of playing music and chat about music and current affairs. The show centres around the...
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One Hour of Good Music

Very much music based, while giving a bit of context to songs and some stuff I find interesting about them....
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One Time 4 Your Mind

Hip Hop, Jazz and chilled out tunes
Music show that takes you from rap bangers to jazz classics, with a little of everything in between.
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Open Book

Chat Show
Hello! Welcome to Open Book, where we chat about personal and relatable themes from literature. You'll hear...
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Open House

It's an open house
(it's a music show)
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Our 2nd Child

A lightweight frothy entertainment show!
Your favorite Sunday easy listening show has returned! Hosted by "comedy" duo David Mynors and Teddy...
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Yummy sounds on your seismograph.
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Play Me

Music show
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Play On

Play On is a variety music show including many up and coming producers and musicians. Whether you want to...
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Post-Credits Show

no shrek allowed
Every Saturday I'll be picking a broad(-ish) theme and playing some tunes from film soundtracks. Will...
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Presidential Suite

This is a music-based show dedicated to discovery and discussion of eclectic tastes! Presidential Suite...
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Science and technology news and discussion from the last week!
Science and technology news alongside modern music.
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Important information and EasyJet Ambience
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Playing you a range of indie rock/folk and alternative music, and any other great songs in between, while I...
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Rambling into the void

Good chat between the two hosts / nice funny news story – make sure to not talk too fast. Maybe at the...
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Raucous Realism

Chat show featuring guests every week to discuss day-to-day things, politics, and Edinburgh student life...
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Rotating Society Slot / One off Shows

An hour where any society can come in and promote their own societies/chat about current issues or a slot...
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Sab Sessions

Music show
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Seismix Wave

A music show where I will be mixing a wide range of EDM-inspired tracks. I aim to focus on a particular...
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Skinny Milk

Recently released music and introducing music. Music based. Guests will be on the show, hopefully doing...
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an eclectic memory show, with music relating to loose weekly themes. the show parallels a collaborative...
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Sofa Bed

a dreamy hour of music where we provide a melody for your mood
Come stay over for an hour whilst we create a soundtrack for your life. Each week will explore a different...
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A whole lot of soul, a little bit of jazz and some gospel, It's all about the music.
Soulville is a mix of all the music I love from deep soul to soulful house to modern soul and two step to...
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Sounds From The Bunker

tUne iN for mUsiC fRom baCK wheN mUsiC wAs neW (aND leGal)!
From my bunker to yours, let's relive the days when we could still go outside and the entertainment...
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Sounds from the Underground

Music show
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Sports hub

Sport Team Hub Show
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A Music Show playing Funk, Soul, Disco and anything with a groove that makes you want to move.
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Stax of Trax

Music show
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Streaming on a Sunday

A relaxing selection of oddities to round off the weekend.
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Sunday Candy

Music show featuring a fusion of Hip-Hop, R&B, Electronic, Dancehall, & more
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Bringing some California sun to the Scottish radiowaves~
I play sunny music.
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A music show; no specific genre but mainly pop music, with a little said about each artist played.
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Every week we will be playing the finest tracks from your favorite film and T.V shows. Expect an eclectic...
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The 2 and the 4

Music show
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The BackBench

Edinburgh Political Union's weekly radio show.
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The Boogieman

Music show
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The Comfort Zone

Music and challenge show
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The FreshAir Breakfast Show with Abhishek and Andrew

Music show
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The FreshAir Breakfast Show with Emily Naylor

Breakfast Show.
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The FreshAir Breakfast Show with George Simonds

Breakfast Show
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The FreshAir Breakfast Show with Ishbel and James

What a way to start your Thursday?!
Welcome to your new favourite Thursday breakfast radio show!! James and Ishbel are live in the studio every...
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The FreshAir.org.uk Breakfast Show with Robbie James

Start your day right with Robbie James and Cammy Matthews every Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday between...
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The George Simonds Special

Entertainment and Music show. I am George Simonds, Listen to my show.
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The Inessential Mix

The Inessential Mix is a music based DJ show where I will be mixing tracks from genres such as House, Drum...
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The Jack Ferguson Classic Rock Show

From The Who to the Rolling Stones to many other influential classic rock bands, this is a music show...
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The MADgic Hour

Music Show
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The Memeing of Life

A witty, comical and historically geeky music show. Jacob and I bring a selection of our favourite music...
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The Mimi Show

Music Show
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The Papers with Jane

Music show
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The Pre's Playlist

Music Show
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The Reel

Music show
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The Robbie James Show

Music show
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The Sixties

Music show
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The Spin Zone

An eclectic analogue only music show, using the turntables, with occasional guests.
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The Spiro Broadcast

Music show.
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The Strand

Music show
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The Sunday Sesh

We keep it real guys.
Sigi and Sophie bring you The Sunday Sesh, broadcasting live from FreshAir.org.uk on Sundays 8-9pm (GMT)....
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The Weekly Bru

A light-hearted music show with various features and guests.
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The Xavi and Jamie Show

Two Young Men Chat Nine Till Ten
Join Xavi Bird and Jamie Slevin for Season 3 of the zany and slightly bizarre journey that is "The Xavi and...
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This Isn't What I Ordered

Arthur's Seat aint the only thing spitting fire
Music show
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Those Damn Americans

We're two guys from the States who love music and realize that we're not in Kansas anymore. Every hour of...
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curious about random ass things but also love cracking songs? yay! toolkit is a lighthearted look at this...
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Tune Out

Time to unwind with a mixture of relaxing music, anecdotes and trivial questions to take your mind off the...
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Two Broads a Brit

We've previously hosted Two Broads a Brit on our student radio in America on our year abroad where we...
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Under the Radar

The UK's Freshest Sounds
New music show showcasing the best in Undiscovered, Under the Radar music from around the UK with...
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Ursula Dallman's Radio Show ;)

An easy listening music show with a bit of chat and reviews in between. I occasionally have guests help me...
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Value Added Trax

Music show based around DJ sets, playing the best of UK dance music and club cuts with a vinyl focus, and...
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A weekly dose of FUNKY FUNKY tunes and slightly below average chat
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Wax Goin' On

Music show. Mixing different genres, trying to discover new music to the audience. I'll be playing also...
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What's your Flavour?

Music Show
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Whatever Works

Contemporary dance music show - offering something alternative, but accessible to those who don't...
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Why Can't Penguins Fly?

Our show is a fact based show, like learning at university but a bit more fun and interesting. Each week...
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Myself and my cohost will intermingle music with serious and goofy advice given to questions we will gather...
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Work in Progress

A chat-based show with a female focus; 'Work in Progress' will be an hour where we document our weekly...