The Sherlocks are a four-piece indie rock band from Sheffield made up of two sets of brothers: Kiaran and Brandon Crook, and Andy and Josh Davidson. I was lucky enough to catch them at the Liquid Rooms in Edinburgh, on their UK tour leg.

When I arrive at the venue, the standing pit is already three-quarters full, and the first out of three opening acts hasn’t even begun. This signals to me that though relatively new, the fan base for the Sherlocks are a dedicated bunch. When the lights dim and the four bounce on stage, beginning their set with ‘Last Night’, I see this in action with hands beginning to frantically wave, screaming girls and much to my surprise a (rowdy!) mosh pit forming. When I interviewed the band backstage, they were very laid back, so it’ surprising when the music begins and the band-members all explode with enthusiasm at the crowd’s response.

As the set continues, the feel-good, fast-paced music continues, with strong rhythms from bassist Andy Davidson (along with sips of his corona), and the synched rock-star jumps that him and his brother Josh, the guitarist, execute to theirs (and the crowd’s) amusement. Mid-way through the set, the music briefly settles down as the band transition into their acoustic set, full of great minor progressions, with hits ‘Will You Be There’ and ‘Candlelight’; a crowd favourite, especially when lead singer Kiaran Crook asks everyone to take out their phone flashlights. Although a bit of an Ed Sheeran move, the lights actually work in the small venue, and it’s clear that the crowd is loving it. The band reach their romantic ‘Heart of Gold’ which starts off slow but accelerates into a loud football chant led by the band.

This exciting beat sets the tone for a great finish to the set, as the crowd is re-energised (not that their energy has lulled at all). Through the song ‘Nobody Knows’ the intricacy of Brandon Crook’s drumming hits a high point with his impressive hard-hitting, groovy rhythms, highlighted by his much-deserved solos. As the song goes on, it is clear to see some of the band’s influences with Oasis-like riffs in the bridges (the band are going on tour with Liam Gallagher this month), which though similar to other indie-rock riffs, take a clear direction of their own.

The final two songs, ‘Live for the Moment’ and ‘Chasing Shadows’, the band’s biggest hits, round up the gig, with the audience erupting in chants. It’s great to see the band vibing off the audience, as the interaction between them becomes noticeably more playful. This night has showed off the Sherlocks’ music: an array of upbeat songs made up of indie-rock guitar chords and romantic lyrics, with a rough edge. As the set comes to an end, both the band and the crowd are sweaty and panting; signs of a good night.

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