Reviewed by Carly Beeher

Monkey Barrel Comedy club on a Sunday night and the crowd was nearly full. ‘Slashers Prefer Blondes’, the improv-comedy-horror-movie, was very well received at both last year’s Edinburgh Horror Festival and the Fringe Festival, and was about to take the stage once more.

Three of the members of the comedy troupe ‘Everyone Gets a Trophy’ begin the show with an introduction to improv comedy and their goal to create a completely improvised horror movie. With crowd participation they begin to create the bones of what would become the performance. When asked what scared them as kids the crowd replies with things such as ‘spiders’, ‘clowns’, and ‘basements’. It is put to an audience vote, and ‘basements’ are chosen as the basis of the upcoming show. The next task posed to the crowd is that of naming a scary place. One audience member loudly voiced “France!”. Everyone bursts into laughter and so the show is titled ‘Basements in France’.

The ‘movie’ begins with a young woman Tabitha (played by Mike Gorman) getting ready to go on a date with her boyfriend Chad. She is having snarky banter with her great pal, Alexa the artificial intelligence console (played by William Matthew Knapp). Alexa provides the smarts that Tabitha is lacking. Lapping up the witty female back-and-forth, the crowd is quickly laughing hard.

The boyfriend Chad (played by Lance Fuller) soon comes into the scene and initiates a series of phallic-based jokes. It is made clear that Chad does not live up to girlfriend Tabitha’s standards. Rips on Chad continue throughout the show, never failing to entertain.

The couple then sets off to France, where they get into a plane crash. In the crash both Tabitha and Alexa are completely fine, while Chad is turned into an unknown monster that loves both blood and brains. Zombie or Vampire? This is made clear when the ‘movie’ ends with the French legalization of Zombie-Human marriage.

Jokes at the expense of the French were prevalent. Alexa’s settings got stuck in multiple languages, and the relationships only got funnier. All improvised yet not a single joke failed to land. The energy was high throughout the performance, and the crowd provided enthusiastic laughter throughout. The talent of the trio of men was evident and appreciated. All accolades earned by this group were well deserved.

Do you worry this review spoiled the show? Don’t! – it’s improv! With a new title every performance, a totally new show is created every time. I would recommend catching ‘Everyone Gets a Trophy’ next time they’re in town!

‘Slashers Prefer Blondes’ performed in the 2017 Edinburgh Horror Festival Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday.

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