For the first show, I take a look at Laura Marling's Once I Was an Eagle, a concept album that has been called one of the best singer-songwriter records of all time. The album takes the form of a narrative in which Marling's alterego, named 'Rosie', bitterly shuns naivety and love, before reappropriating them and finding some peace and resolution. It is an ambitious 16-track song cycle that is heavily inspired by folk stalwarts like Bob Dylan, Joni Mitchell, and Leonard Cohen. However, it also takes its place alongside records by those icons in the pantheon of great singer-songwriter confessionals, and Marling's influence can already be felt in the work of emergent folk artists.

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This week's playlist:

  • 'Suzanne', Leonard Cohen
  • 'I Was an Eagle', Laura Marling
  • 'Jim Cain', Bill Callahan
  • 'California', Joni Mitchell
  • 'Pray for Me', Laura Marling
  • 'Tangled Up In Blue', Bob Dylan
  • 'Natural Blue', Julie Byrne
  • 'Saved These Words', Laura Marling
  • 'Los Ageless', St. Vincent