Writer and Performer Rob Auton has brought a show to the fringe this year that is odd, emotionally resonant and odd. This show is not so much a stand-up show, but more Auton’s treatise on hair, and how our hair is a symbol of life, and its passing.

Auton monologues about hair for the hour with a largely modest prose, occasionally breaking into verse or lyrical passages. Auton uses verse with restrain, but these passing moments show a rare sense for sentiment and rhythm, the verse tripping off his tongue extremely naturally. Auton begins unassumingly, or at least as unassumingly as a man in a hair-covered suit can. He gradually draws the audience into his inner world, pulling them in with his charming dramatic voice and endearingly awkward movement on stage. The show is unusual, yet comforting. Auton explores the quiet absurdity of ordinary life with gentle humour and optimism.

While the show is difficult to categorise, Auton is a good choice for any fans of spoken word, poetry readings, or anyone looking for an escape from stand-up comedy.