Marcus Ryan bursts onto the stage whilst adopting the persona of a Tinder fanatic who is on the prowl for a new lover. Remaining brilliantly in character, Marcus slides onto an audience member's knee and flirts incessantly with her, thus setting the light-hearted tone for the rest of the show.

Filled with sexual references and sharp observational humour, 'Love Me Tinder' takes us on a journey through modern day dating. Marcus' wit is impeccable, and his ability to think on his feet adds to the brilliant humour of the show. Audience interaction is a predominant feature that adds to the impulsive and riotous nature of the show.

Filled with a ton of laughs and even a surprise appearance from the King of Rock and Roll himself, Marcus demonstrates his versatility and talent as an accomplished performer and comedian. The show is a definite highlight of the Fringe and everyone should head over to Cabaret Voltaire at 2.45pm to get involved in the madness of 'Love Me Tinder'.