Australian comedian, Marcus Ryan, combines culture and language in a show that explores the difficulties and highlights of solo travel. With the aid of a projector, Marcus begins the show in Spanish whilst donning the persona of an energetic Spaniard - a quirk that works very well. He then slips into his next character; a stereotype of a hippie-esque backpacker who claims to "be on a journey".

Throughout the next hour, Marcus continues to provide us with observational humour and wild tales from his adventures in Latin America. His spontaneity and ability to command the audience prove that he is a born-performer.

The show comes to an end with a rather poignant message, that in order to be comfortable in life you have to accept and be happy with yourself. But then of course, in true Marcus Ryan style, the message is flipped on its head; revealing a hilarious punch line and leaving the audience in hysterics.

'¿Hablas Inglés?' contains adult humour, character comedy and very relatable laughs. A must-see for anyone who enjoys witty banter and has travelled to another country at least once in their lives. You can catch '¿Hablas Inglés?' at 5pm at The Three Sisters.