John-Luke Roberts’ show this year is silly, really silly, there’s no better way to put it. Roberts speaks for much of the show in a cod-chaucerian dialect, which he prods the audience into adopting. He arrives on stage loosely wrapped in a towel, a flower poking out of his backside. The show is based on the premise that John-Luke Roberts is actually Chaucer, awoken after a Tir Nan nOg-like slumber, because John-Luke Roberts wants the show to be “significant”. The show sadly rarely deals with this premise, but doesn’t waste time, catapulting itself from one absurd premise to the next.

Roberts rarely lets an opportunity pass by him, even turning costume changes into a joke. Audience members are asked to cover him up with a towel, which shrinks as the show continues. The technician is roped in to awkwardly provide a voiceover while Roberts is performing a major costume change backstage. This all makes the show seem like a continual parade of absurdity, which feels exciting, rather than overwhelming.

John-Luke Roberts’ show is an absurd hour filled with fantastic ideas, perfect for fans of The Goons, Big Train, or The Mighty Boosh. Don’t go if you aren’t comfortable with nudity.