A wild debut from a veteran of the American comedy scene, James Adomian’s show is difficult to sum up. It swings wildly from one topic to another; one minute, the voice of Bernie Sanders is sputtering out his hunched figure, the next, he off-handedly veers into a pitch for a filthy Netflix show. The hour is more a loose series of vignettes than a finely honed, thematically focused piece, and the show feels a little disconnected at times. This approach more than fits Adomian’s conversational, scatter-brained style, which is pretty damn charming.

While there isn’t a message or lesson to mull over afterwards as in other stand-up shows, Adomian gives you unrestrained comedic talent. If you want to see a man suddenly become possessed by the spirit of Jesse Ventura or Paul Giamatti, go see this show. If you want to watch someone switch topics from Wii and weight anxiety to Stalin and marijuana, go see this show. If smart if unfocused comedy sounds like your thing, you couldn’t go far wrong with James Adomian.