Harriet Braine’s debut show at the Golf Tavern is a slow and gentle one. Braine slips in and out of character as an art history professor, occasionally playing parody songs about artists and the art world. The show is slow and meandering, but her charm holds her audience. While the pace of her show may be too listless for some, her wry sense of humour is woven into her songs well, and her stage persona is well-conceived and genuinely funny.

Unfortunately, Braine does not use this persona to the fullest. We only get snatches of the professor character, which I would have preferred to see developed further. The songs themselves are performed with style and pleasant to listen to, but some could have used more gags. The show feels a little aimless at times, although this may be due to Braine’s character being aimless, not Braine herself. In all, the show has a few small flaws for some, but may be more appealing to gentler tastes.

I feel that the show is a good choice for anyone who needs to relax (or feels hungover) at lunchtime. Harriet Braine's debut definitely is an enjoyable hour, and I hope we see her return to the fringe.