Finn Marsden chats to Reading's rock royalty, The Amazons, ahead of their Dundee student takeover.

How are you guys? How are things going?

Good! We just got back together after a couple of weeks. We were just in Australia for a week for our first tour over there and it was amazing really. It was like nothing we had really expected. I don’t know what our expectations were but whatever they were they were surpassed. Then I spent the last two weeks doing some writing and I’ve just jumped off a plane and into a van to Dundee. We’ve just been checking out the V&A museum and the Discovery.

It sounds like you’re having a great time! So, you’re in Dundee tonight to play a ‘Student Takeover’ organised by the Student Radio Music Network and Amazon Music. How are you feeling about that?

Yeah man, it’s cool. We love the people who’ll be dancing and making the mosh pits. Students bring the energy, that’ what it is man. Then there’s always the old people at the back who are buying the CD’s. Rock and Roll has a real mix and there’s so many people into it which is just the best.

Is this your first-time playing Dundee?

Yeah, yeah never played Dundee before. We can add it to the list of cities we’ve played in Scotland. We’ve played Glasgow, we’ve played Edinburgh and we’ve played PJ Malone’s in Dunfermline. The place was great. We played to about three people, but they were having a good time. Although, we were in the park beforehand and it was infested with squirrels so that’s your Dunfermline fact.

You’re playing a venue tonight called The Church, which is a literal church right?

Yeah, it’s really nice, people are going to able to look over us which is really cool.

Are you worried at all about playing in a church? Is your set priest friendly or is playing ‘Black Magic’ worrying you?

I mean yeah, we were going to play a church in London at one point, but the priest said we couldn’t do it because, as you say, we have ‘Black Magic’ in there which was funny. But I’m sure that some ungodly thing is going to happen tonight, we’ll have to wait and see.

So, the new album Future Dust, is out and sounding amazing. Are you excited to get touring this November?

Exactly! We’ll be back up in Scotland when we’re here for our show at Barrowlands in Glasgow. I mean that’s probably one of the shows we’re looking forward to most really. We’ve played there before and yeah, it’s just such an amazing venue. I can’t wait to be back it’s just got so much history. Glasgow is a city that loves Rock and Roll so we’re going to give it to them!

Well Matt, thank you so much for joining us and I’m sure we’ll see you in Glasgow this November. In the meantime, have a great gig tonight!

Nice one Finn, cheers!