Nick Mulvey is in a fine mood during his intimate gig at the Liquid Room in Edinburgh on Wednesday night. Propelled by the success of his brilliant and upbeat new album Wake Up Now, Mulvey treats his audience to an entertaining and moving set which boasts several new tracks, as well as favourites from his debut First Mind  which has already established him as a popular artist.

The talented London-based songwriter has a huge grin on his face when - midway through the show - the adoring crowd belt out the words to ‘Cucurucu’ with him. The intimacy of the night is again evident when Mulvey hears a drunken yell from an excited fan requesting him to play country classic ‘Look At Miss Ohio’. After laughing "Miss Ohio?" in response, he performs what is a simultaneously joyful and funny cover of the song, which is evident from the equally smiley audience. Mulvey is humble and doesn't seem to be taking himself too seriously, which makes him all the more likeable and causes the fans to really connect with him.

Before performing his new track ‘Myela’, written about the refugee crisis, Mulvey speaks of a need for big changes in the world. He says that refugees fleeing to Europe aren't just an issue we need to resolve but "a message" that we, as a society, need to hear. He claims the same is true for global warming, and that the hurricanes and earthquakes are also "a message" from the world that we need to make significant changes. A bucket for donations toward the refugee crisis is then passed around and filled with spare change. Although this slightly dampens the cheery mood of the crowd, it is a moving gesture that gives Mulvey’s songs deeper meaning which is so often lacking in today’s charts. The buzz of the crowd quickly returns when the singer and his band produce a special performance of 'Myela', before playing arguably his most recognisable hit ‘Fever To The Form’.

After walking off stage briefly, Mulvey returns to the delight of the audience to close the night with two fun and upbeat songs off his new album, ‘Transform Your Game’ and ‘Mountain To Move’. A large section of the crowd begins dancing and it is a positive finish to a successful and accomplished show. Mulvey makes a couple of noticeable mistakes in his guitar-playing, but these are certainly forgiven by his fans who are definitely not disappointed. Let’s hope Nick keeps his promise to return to Edinburgh "very soon"!