A night put together by Scruff of the Neck and Fortune saw the Dunfermline band Dancing on Tables headlining at Sneaky Pete’s. Trying to draw a crowd for the gig was a difficult feat with Scotland playing a crucial World Cup qualifier on the same night. However, by the end of the show there was indeed a healthy wee gathering.

The first act of the night is a young solo artist named Nate Collins. Based in Edinburgh he has been working on several releases and his Soundcloud shows promise. His two latest releases 'Honey’ and ‘Otherwise’ show song writing variety but it seems that during this performance the odds have been stacked against him. With several technical difficulties and slightly unfortunate out of time looping causing problems, he finishes the set with an abrupt ending to a Two Door Cinema Club cover. Although a slightly painful end to his set, I would definitely give him another chance as the talent and promise is quite obviously present.

Shortly afterwards, the Opera Comic, a Leeds based, Noel Fielding look-alike band take the stage. Starting the set with a strange Willy Wonka cover they continue with what can only be described as pure and persistent indie. Their first single ‘We Are the Freaks’ has that treble guitar sound so emblematic of the genre as well as the ‘no one understands me’ message typical of indie anthems. Although slightly cliché it is definitely a well put-together and skilfully performed song. Their newest release ‘A Time of Hope’ has more depth; ironically disregarding the lack of hope in the world at the moment. The performance is slick and they have full-on stage presence but it seems as if they offer nothing new or different. It will be interesting to see how they develop as a group.

Now come the headliners of the night: Dancing on Tables are a band on the rise. Firmly established in the young Scottish alternative/indie scene they have been pleasing crowds with their soft, romantic songs all summer. Having played festivals all over the country including Kendal Calling and Solas, their set is a lot more organised and rehearsed than when I saw them last. The interesting use of two vocalists creates a dialogue in their music which is evident in the banter they have on stage. It is obvious that they are simply happy to be playing good music with their friends; and it's incredibly endearing.

Their debut EP Don’t Stop features fuzzy guitar driven sound punctuated by intricate melody. For a four-track record, the variety in sound is amazing. The slight fuzz which permeates each track, works in their favour and shows the band's simple but lovely core. Their newest release ‘Tracey’ in contrast, is clean cut and one for the dance floor and it goes down a treat during the show. A fantastic band full of promise, they will be releasing some new music at the start of November and I for one am excited.