Friday night in Glasgow, Mono slowly fills with people as the time for Lucy Dacus’s set approaches. Guitars are tuned and the stage is set up. The tones coming from the instruments are immediately recognizable. The crowd anxiously awaits Lucy Dacus. When she takes the stage she is solo. Beginning with a brand new song, Dacus maintains the light hearted threats from the opening act Fenne Lily to deter the crowd from recording this unheard tune. The crowd is quickly enchanted. Dacus, with her unassuming presence and booming voice, grabs everyone’s attention.

Immediately after the first song is over, Dacus is joined by a smiley three piece band: guitarist Jacob Blizzard, bassist Dominic Angelella, and drummer Ricardo Lagomasino. Dacus recounts her last show in Glasgow with fondness, and says today has been just as good of a day. Track after track the band goes through Historian, Dacus’s most recent solo album. A few songs in Dacus comments on how it is not her newest album. Getting flushed she can not help but bring up her ‘collective baby’, boygenius’ new self-titled EP. Dacus mentions she did not know if she was going to talk about it at this show, but it seems to explode out of her. Obviously excited and proud, she sweetly smiles and the crowd cheers in response.

There are only three tracks all night that are not off of Historian, but the crowd keeps up with every song played. There are voices singing along on every track, but the big crowd response comes from ‘Addictions’. Dacus comments multiple times with her appreciation of the crowd’s involvement, stating it makes it more fun for her. There is no doubt that the crowd is invested in every word Dacus’s sings. Some songs are explained, while others are gone into without so much as a breath between songs. The most touching of explanations comes at the beginning of ‘Pilar of Truth’, as Dacus explains that this is a song about her grandmother’s passing. Through all of it, the crowd is engrossed in the show. Most members of the audience have their eyes so intensely locked onto the stage, encapsulated by the magic that seems to be flowing from Dacus herself.

The show has been beautiful, deeply moving and all engrossing. When it comes to a close, Dacus ends on a performance of ‘Historians’. The Angelella and Lagomasino leave the stage, only Dacus and Blizzard stay for the final song. The guitar is loud and Dacus’s voice is deeply soulful. The song ends, Dacus says her thankyous and promptly leaves the stage. Just like that the show is over. The connection is cut and the crowd is left to emotionally sober up in a suddenly light and bustling room. Stepping out into the cold night after the show is welcomed as a way of waking up from the trance we had all been sung into. After an absolutely incredible and personal show, we are left alone on a cold Friday night in Glasgow.