The talented alternative rap artist Kari Faux just released her new 7-song EP “Primary” this September. Faux has further refined her signature 90s inspired sound for her most recent project where she returned to her hometown of Little Rock, Arkansas to record, mix, and master the whole album herself for the first time.

“Gotta Know”, a stand-out second track of the EP, was created in collaboration with the synth-pop producer, Jerry Paper. The mellow instrumentals and male vocal hook compliment Faux’s punchy lines to create a satisfyingly chilled out sound. Faux has also released a cool Lo-Fi music video to accompany the song which you can watch on YouTube. In conjunction with the rest of the tracks on the EP, Faux reflects on her recent musical career and how her past has helped her stay true to herself.

"Primary" is out now and be sure to check out "Gotta Know" below.