Cork-based musician Graham Cooney has debuted his first single under the alias Yenkee.

‘Are You Alright?’, which was released on Bandcamp in January, combines George Michael-style saxophone (performed by Meg Cronin) with smooth pop guitar and shimmering keys (provided by Eoin Conway).

With this song Yenkee relays what it’s like to deal with serious things (such as death, sadness, frustration) in a time where not-so-serious things are so prevalent. The song seems to be about being a young person and experiencing real-life issues which are mediated (and even blunted) by social media- “If I see your father’s ghost, I’ll screenshot the post”- and where new experiences and opinions are hatched online- “My feed is telling me it’s safe to take ecstasy / If Bernie says it’s so, I’ll move to the States and vote”.

Answering the question “are you alright?” is a difficult thing to do truthfully, but Yenkee does just that in a way which is also relevant to being a young person on the Internet in 2018.

“Are You Alright?” is available on Bandcamp, and for streaming on Spotify.