I eagerly anticipated Kllo’s show at Sneaky Pete’s on 28 November. Having been introduced to the band mere weeks ago, it seemed like fate that they were coming to Edinburgh. Kllo has been on a whirlwind international tour to promote their new album, Backwater.

To begin, since Sneaky Pete’s is a small, intimate venue, the cousin-duo of Kllo, Simon and Chloe, make their way from the back of the crowd to the stage to set up their equipment. We are given a few seconds of darkness before they begin their show with a performance of ‘Downfall.’

Simon is left in shadow manning the mixers while Chloe switches off between vocals and the pad controller. One neat aspect of the show is seeing them mix the music live. Their performance of ‘By Your Side’ highlights this. Chloe sings the first line “just wanna be by your side, again” and both proceed to mix the line with the rest of the instrumental on stage. This makes each show unique, and tailor-made for the audience. You get to witness the creation of the song right before your eyes.

Kllo then performs ‘Making Distractions,’ my favorite song off Backwater. Here, Chloe steps to the front of the stage to sing. She is silhouetted by the lights behind her and she feels so close to us. I am near the front and can almost see the shine of the whites of her eyes in the darkness. Combined with her breathy, ghostly vocals, it has a haunting, yet dreamlike effect.

Kllo breaks up the chilled-out vibe of the show with an absolute banger of performance of ‘Virtue.’ The lights, which have been relatively tame up until now, go up to full flashing lights. Simultaneously, the crowd which has been slightly swaying to the music, busts out into dance. It is the peak of the show.

The show concludes with more mellow performances of songs off Backwater and ‘Bolide,’ off Well-Worn. Considering the high energy performance of ‘Virtue’, this transition is rather jarring. This effect does not fully work and ends the show on a slightly unsatisfying note.

Despite this, the crowd is calling for an encore with “one more tune, one more tune.” A particularly bold crowd member calls for “three more tunes!” Chloe smiles, and sheepishly offers, “We’ve got a piano ballad for you. It’s one of our favorites. Would you like to hear it?” The crowd crows its approval and we are treated to a performance of ‘Nylon.’ The lights shut off then, and the show concludes.

Chloe and Simon hang around the venue after the show and I chat with them about their music and where they are headed next (Leeds). I tell Chloe that my friend compared her vocals with that of Little Dragon and she gives me a beaming smile. “I love Little Dragon. I love Yukimi. She is queen.” It is always reassuring when an artist you like is just as personable and enjoyable as their music. Fortunately, the show was just as enjoyable as well.