Hello El! Why did you decide to create Date Night?

I created Date Night because I wanted to encapsulate those first pangs of romance, and the playlists and mixtapes you make. A kind of soundtrack to those first butterflies.

What is the meaning behind the name?

I like the idea of people being drawn to one another at my night. It felt appropriate.

Do you have resident DJs, or do you like to introduce/rotate new talent?

I mostly stick to the people I trust and with those I've worked with before, or have come recommend. But for bigger events, I like to bring in others.

What kind of style does your DJ bring to the table?

I'm a stickler for a DJ that plays the classics, maybe more the obscure.  It ultimately love what DJ Kiki does for Drugstore Glamour. The atmosphere she creates is incredible.

What kind of genres does Date Night play around with?

Alot of synth, classic indie, Italian disco, 80s freestyle...but I never plan the night. The crowd dictates the course of the night!

Do you have a philosophy towards the parties you throw and the atmosphere you create?

Get 'em sweatin', get 'em winchin'.

Which venues do you tend/prefer to play in?

Sleazys is an institution and they took a chance on me, and let me host two clubnights with them. I've played The Duck, Stereo, Broadcast, most of Edinburgh's venues too. I loved playing at the Old Fire Station for an after party for Talbot Rice Gallery. I do love playing in spaces that aren't traditionally venues.

When Mash House was transitioning into Mash House, I used to play there. It's worked hard and invested in awesome promoters, and it's soaring. I originally wanted to take Date Night there, but was loyal to Sleazys when they sacked a clubnight to make way for mine. But I love what Mash House do, and have been lucky enough to work with Paradigm and Main Ingredient. I prefer venues that get the aesthetics and installations of Date Night. I'd love to do something at Summerhall someday.

What hopes do you have for the future of Date Night?

It's still a low-key night.  I may disappear and only emerge every six months to throw a party in an abandoned train tunnel.

When is the next time we can go out for a Date Night?

Date Night is at Nice n Sleazy this Friday (22/06). When it returns to Edinburgh it'll be carefully planned.