Reviewed by Rachael Sulaiman.

Witching hour is upon you and you’ve had a couple of “cheap” beers to loosen up your tongue for shouting improv suggestions at the cheeky Imps in front of you. With this particular night involving a child-catcher-like tooth fairy, suicidal laserquest and saucy Harry Potter fan fiction, no one has the slightest clue what the show will consist of. Head through the church bustling with students to the venue for some first-class improv.


Not in the slightest. The performers were captivating with their storytelling abilities; they had me in awe of how easily it was to picture the imaginary scene and characters. For an hour, you were being transported from a land with giant frogs to being inside a mouth with seemingly no effort at all. One performer’s physical comedy in particular had me howling even at an imaginary tongue (it’s insane, I know, just go with it). This apparent ease made the performance feel like you were just watching your friends mess around – no cringing and no feeling tense for possible mishaps.

Admittedly, at times performers couldn’t quite think up a joke or plotline immediately, which seems to be par for the course with improv, and in fact only emphasised how clean-cut and smooth the rest of the show was. The nature of the audience and show made light of any unfinished storylines, and the sketches were so quick that all was forgotten, while laughing heartily at the next sketch.

Brilliant Bedlam

Whether the perfect end to the night at half one in the morning or just the start to your unique comedy treasure trail, the show that you see will be completely different and hopefully just as side-splitting. I can’t wait to go back and see what more they have tucked up their sleeve. A two headed alien? Colin Firth’s dad? A giant frog? I’m buzzing.

Improverts runs at Bedlam Theatre at 00:30 until 25th August.