On a gloomy and classically Scottish Friday evening, Gypsyfingers takes the stage at Edinburgh's Voodoo Rooms. Gypsyfingers, founded by Victoria and Luke Oldfield, describe themselves as an alternative folk, rock and pop duo. In the intimately small room, the four piece band set up as audience members trickle in. Before even beginning to perform, lead singer Victoria stands out wearing head to toe sequins, contrasting with the rest of her band who are casually dressed in t-shirts and jeans. As the set begins, Victoria and her husband Luke wear oversized hare and hound masks creating a striking, unique and mystical image; making them look as if they've walked straight out of Narnia.

Playing songs from their new album 'Stranger Things', Victoria's beautiful vocals instantly charm the room. Victoria is clearly a highly talented musician, impressing the audience by switching between singing and playing the keyboard, guitar and French horn. There is a focus on instrumental solos throughout the gig which showcases the talent of all four members of the band. Whilst Luke predominately plays guitar and harmonises with Victoria, he engages the crowds full attention as he sings two songs from the new album in which he solos; 'Bruised' and 'Blue Sky'. Victoria and Luke's voices compliment each other gorgeously in harmony yet they would benefit from not being drowned out so much by the slightly overpowering drumming.

As the gig is within its first twenty minutes or so, Victoria and Luke say nothing between their songs creating a distant and slightly moody atmosphere. Yet, as time progresses, they begin to give the audience little anecdotes. As they introduce 'The Waves' they tell the crowd how this is their third gig in Edinburgh, Luke reminisces on the 'fond, hazy memories' he has of going to university in the city. The drunken cheers from the neighbouring rooms 21st birthday party is a little distracting, yet Luke laughs it off and the band continue to capture the attention of their audience. Victoria elaborates on the concept of their new album, explaining that it's all about how ''life can be a bit weird''. She also expresses how proud she is of the albums cover art which links to their hare and hound ''alter-ego'' imagery, demonstrated with the masks at the start of the gig. The height of audience interaction is with 'Hey Maria', Victoria discloses that Maria is indeed a real friend whom she met at 3am in a taxi, she gets the audience to participate and clap in time which makes everyone smile and sway along.

The gig is overall very intimate, the musicians despite their otherworldly masks and quirky lyrics are evidently very down to earth, explaining how they mail out all their CD's and LP's themselves. As the show comes to a close, after multiple encores, Gypsyfingers greet the audience members individually before continuing on their UK tour.