At 6pm on a Wednesday night, I found myself winding down the stairs to the basement of The Tron, eager to watch Glenn Moore’s comedy sketch "Glenn Glenn Glenn, How Do You Like It, How Do You Like It". To be standing in a small basement room in front of a packed audience, is a world away from his usual set up at Mock the Week, Stand Up Central and Absolute Radio. Yet, he has never appeared more at home. Aged 29, his sketch centres around his dating errors, housemate woes, career aspirations and more. From embarrassing sex-stories, hilarious anecdotes of his middle-class upbringing, and his quest to appear more attractive, Moore’s sketch is a roller-coaster narrative, bouncing from one topic to the next with ease. The storyline is fluid and well linked, interjected with brilliant one-liners whilst the narrative approach allowed for a well-rounded performance, keeping the audience engaged and interested throughout.

It was Moore’s self-deprecating one liners which make the show, being his greatest comedic attribute in my eyes. His self-deprecating approach not only created an unquestionable rapport with the audience, enhanced by the small and intimate venue, but made him and his stories all the more relatable. They are punchy and well executed, if not a little too fast-paced at times, sprinkled throughout the narrative without being too overpowering. Moore, unlike many comedians these days, does not try to be controversial or outspoken to garner laughs, but instead pokes-fun at himself, explaining, for example, how he wouldn’t survive in prison with his "cherubic features", creating a comfortable and jolly audience atmosphere.

Only being his seventh show of the month, I will not be surprised to see this garner lots of attention. If you want to be kept laughing throughout, enjoy a pub-comedy style venue, and love a narrative-style comedy, then look no further.

Moore’s show is on every night (except the 13th) at 18:20pm at Just The Tonic- The Tron.

Susannah Blenkharn for Fresh Fringe