Just by reading the name of Eshaan Akbar's new comedy, "Prophet Like It's Hot", you'll realise that this show doesn't take itself seriously. Using a mixture of puns, one-liners and a surprising amount of educational narrative, Eshaan hilariously talks us through the basic teachings of the Qur'an.

As the audience settles into their seats, an amusing edit of the famous, "Drop It Like It's Hot" blasts through the speakers. Eshaan Akbar then sways and sashays onto the stage, informing us that whilst he does not plan on getting targeted during one of his performances, it certainly would be one hell of a way to go. This risky humour sets the hysterically tongue-in-cheek tone of the rest of the hour. Filled with satirical and pop culture references, the show does not disappoint as Eshaan provides a little something for everyone. The comedian allows us to see the funny side of religion, as he picks apart many aspects of Islam, whilst also clearing up any misconceptions the audience may currently hold.

Due to the show's highly informative and interesting nature, there are times when a joke appears to fall flat as the audience have been too engrossed in learning about Islam. However, like a true professional, Eshaan never lets this get in his way as he expertly pokes fun at himself and ends up leaving the audience in stitches. A naturally funny man, Eshaan commands the stage with such a grace that it's hard to believe that he only took up comedy seriously a mere four years ago. "Prophet Like It's Hot" is slick, entertaining, and downright hilarious. Eshaan definitely made the right decision by quitting his day job as a banker to go into comedy.

You can catch "Prophet Like It's Hot" every day (except 15th) at the Gilded Balloon Teviot.

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