When I read the title of Eli Matthewson's new show, I was sceptical... "The Year of Magical What"?! Then I saw his show. The whole thing really is magical.

Armed with a variety of diverse and fresh material, Eli really makes his Fringe debut known. His dazzling charm and charisma lights up the intimate venue as he tells the audience of his personal journey of sex and dating. No details are left out, as his risky and daring anecdotes leaves little to be imagined. Not afraid to laugh at himself, the comic adopts a self-mocking humour that make him more personable and relatable. In particular; there was a certain comparison to Lee Harvey Oswald which had me on the floor.

The show itself has an impressive amount of fluidity. Eli naturally flows from one idea to another, causing the hour-long show to appear to fly by. His comic timing is also impeccable; as he is able to garner laughs from the audience in exactly the right places. He really does have us on the edge of our seats, waiting eagerly to hear the next crazy tale.

Filled with topical humour, hilarious anecdotes and huge laughs, "The Year of Magical F*cking" is an absolute breath of fresh air. It is undoubtedly the best show that I have seen so far at this year's Fringe Festival, and you'd be mad to miss it.

You can catch Eli Matthewson and his hilarious stand-up show, "The Year of Magical F*cking" at 9.20pm at Underbelly Wee Coo until 27th August 2018.

Frankie Elyse for Fresh Fringe