When the ambient, shoegaze pop band of four arrived on stage at King Tut’s they were bathed in a pale blue light, appropriate for the sad, melancholy vibe that one should expect from a Cigarettes After Sex gig. Despite being an intimate venue, with the stage only a metre or so above audience level, King Tut’s has hosted many notable acts on their paths to musical fame; the recent ‘Supersonic’ documentary reveals that it was at this particular venue that Oasis was discovered and signed to Creation records. On the stairs up to the gig venue one can see a seemingly endless chronological list of incredible bands and artists who have taken to the stage. (My personal favourites include Blur, Elastica and The Strokes).

Cigarettes After Sex open their set with a slow, dreamy rendition of ‘Starry Eyes’ from the band’s first EP. Lead singer Greg Gonzalez’s vocals drone over relaxing bass lines and delicate drum rhythms conveying a sense of tenderness and emotional sincerity. The band also perform single they had released just the week before, called ‘K’, and an unreleased track ‘Sunset’. In an interview with KA Radio Scotland, Gonzalez describes drawing influence from the electronic sound of New Order and the introspective lyrics of The Smiths. For several audience members, seeing Cigarettes After Sex perform live was an emotionally intense experience - some even left the show with tears streaming from their eyes as the band closed with ‘Nothing’s Gonna Hurt You Baby’. Despite not visiting Edinburgh on this world tour, Cigarettes After Sex will be back to perform at The Caves next April.