With discussions about mental health and LGBT rights becoming increasingly mainstream in within comedy and the arts, Catherine Bohart is here to talk about both. Catherine is bisexual and has OCD, two things that she has needed to prove are ‘real’ to her Catholic Irish parents. She compares this to her parents' faith in God with incredible wit. She speaks of coming out to her parents with silly and joyous storytelling. Whilst I wasn't falling to the ground laughing, her story was compelling and funny.

Catherine clearly has an amazing story to tell, and while it is certainly engaging, it does not always have the biggest punchlines. Yet whilst I did not roar with laughter, I did laugh plenty, and had so much fun hearing Catherine’s stories. She is the definition of bubbly, and makes you feel extremely comfortable in her presence. Even when asking the audience awkward questions such as, "Is anyone here bisexual?", she does so with grace. She finds joy in any response you give; a joy that transcends into the audience and makes you instantaneously like her.

Catherine speaks of her family with fondness and an understanding of their flaws. She is never mean-spirited in her jokes and seems only to wish to tell her story with grace and light humour. However, whilst I did enjoy hearing about Catherine’s father becoming a deacon, and her frank admission of being hospitalised for four months with OCD, the way that she frames her jokes and punchlines could be better crafted for a bigger laugh. Yet perhaps it is not intended to be a show that leaves the audience incapacitated by laughter; perhaps it is simply meant to be a comfortable way of talking about some uncomfortable issues. Nevertheless, I found this an amusing and educational hour which leaves you feeling warm and fuzzy afterwards. So despite a few flaws in joke telling, Catherine is a delightful story teller and her show is certainly worth a go if you are stuck on what to see in the afternoon.

You can catch Catherine Bohart's "Immaculate" every day (except 14th) at 16:15 in Bunker Two in the Pleasance Courtyard.

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