A quirky play that comes all the way from London's indie theatre scene, It's Not Cute Anymore, is a hilarious caricature of the millennial generation. Knight and Hoey play two eccentric junior editorial assistants, who prance around the stage as if the world revolves around them. Both girls are very dissatisfied with their day jobs and dream of grandeur and fame. However, their frantic scramble to stardom isn't as nearly as glamorous as the girls like to portray on their Snapchat accounts. The real picture involves deceit, desperation and downright stupidity.

Hoey plays the brash, selfish and vulgar 'Mimi'; a comical combination of character defects that leave the audience in stitches. Hoey's exaggerated facial expressions bring the narcissistic nature of Mimi to life, as we witness the character in some very sticky situations. Knight plays 'Elle', a peculiar girl who  pushes her unrealistic hopes and dreams on Mimi; very narrowly destroying both their careers in the process. Yet despite the shallowness of both characters, they are still likeable. They are so pathetic that you almost wanted them to succeed.

Both actresses skilfully embody other characters in the play, with Knight shining as kooky Aunt Bronwyn; the fading actress, who may or may not have fabricated every detail of her career.  The vulgar jokes that are woven throughout the script work well, and the comic timing of both actresses is impeccable. Knight and Hoey are certainly ones to watch.

'It's Not Cute Anymore is a hilarious twist on the ambitious millennial narrative that despite the over-the-top characters and storyline, remains somewhat relatable to those struggling to get their foot on the career ladder.

You can catch 'It's Not Cute Anymore' every day at 1.20pm in Underbelly's Dehli Belly until 27th August.

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