Since rising to fame, the Sherlocks have taken their traditional indie rock ban to great heights. Their debut album Live For The Moment (2017) entered the official UK charts at #6, they’ve opened for Kings of Leon and have gained much praise from Radio DJs such as Annie Mac and Huw Stevens. Mid-way through their UK headline tour, I sat down with Kiaran, Brandon, Josh and Andy and at the Liquid Rooms in Edinburgh.

Let’s start with the origins of the band - how and why did you start The Sherlocks?

Kiaran: I think we’d all agree that the band just started out of pure boredom. It’s not something we’ve always wanted to do, it just happened. Brandon and I are brothers, and when the other two brothers Josh and Andy moved into the same area, it was just a progression after that. After a million games of football we wanted something else to do. Brandon already owned a drum kit, I had an axe and we started messing around.

If you weren’t doing music what would your ideal job be?

Kiaran: A lumberjack

(The band shake their heads in unison and laugh)

Who are your musical influences and inspirations?

Josh: All the greats

Brandon: Elvis

Kiaran: Definitely Elvis

Andy: The king of rock and roll

Let’s talk song-writing. How do you split up the process, or do you all do it together?

Brandon: Kiaran writes the songs and that’s it – we all just pick it up.

Do you write the music or lyrics first?

Kiaran: The music because – it’s just what seems to happen. I play around on guitar, stumble

upon a nice chord progression and then add a melody to it. I roughly hum a tune with it, even if there are no lyrics, then try and think of some.

Where do you get the inspiration for your lyrics?

Andy: I’d say they’re quite personal.

Kiaran: I don’t know to be honest. The last few songs I’ve been writing which will obviously be going to a second album are probably less personal. The first album is probably a bit more personal; not like my top-secret stuff, but the second album is trying less hard on lyrics. I don’t think anyone really cares that much about lyrics, and I spend ages thrashing my head over some lyrics -  there’s plenty of songs where so long as it’s a good tune, I don’t think people worry about lyrics too much. I’ve been sat up crying over lyrics in the night (laughs).

When writing songs do you have any recurring progressions or do you like doing different things?

Kiaran: Probably a mix. It’s nice to do some stuff we’ve already done just because we like doing it but then it’s good to try new things as well. I think there’s a lot of different stuff in the first album. I think that interests us a lot more than just writing the same song 12 times.

After performing live, how do you feel if a show has gone well?

Josh: I think when you know that everyone who came had a good time. I guess that’s quite easy to gauge.

So you have tons of festivals lined up for this summer; do you prefer performing at festivals or touring venues?

Josh: Touring - you’re in your own world, everything’s set up for you, done nicely, there’s not as many worries. Festivals are a lot more off the cuff with a different set up every day - a bit unpredictable.

Kiaran: Yeah I’d agree. Also, at your own gigs its 100% your fans who’ve come to see you, but I guess festivals are also good because you gain new fans – but a lot more can go wrong.

You’re over halfway through your tour, how’s that going? Are there any memorable moments so far?

Kiaran: It wasn’t that funny but at the London gig our power went off at least twice. The speakers sounded like they were blowing up, and everything was off except our guitar amps at the back. Nothing was coming out of the speakers, and my mic wasn’t working so I couldn’t even speak to the crowd, so we just ended up doing a big sing-a-long at the Electric Ballroom in Camden.

Josh: It was a pretty nice moment actually.

If I was an alien coming to earth and you were the first band I ran into, how would you describe your music?

Kiaran: Space jazz.

Who are you listening to right now?

Kiaran: We just had a bit of Pearl Jam on, I’d never listened to them. We’d heard of them – they’re a lot heavier than what I’d thought…sounds good though.

If you could go on a dinner date with any musician dead or alive, who would it be?

Brandon and Andy: undoubtedly Elvis.

Kiaran: I’d go for the one who just died from the Cranberries – Dolores O’Riordan.

Josh: The lead singer of sleeper – I don’t know what her name is but I’d go for her.

To finish, what are your plans for the future?

Kiaran: We’re supporting Liam Gallagher on his European tour after this one, then we’re going all across America and Canada. After that it’s festival season, and I guess we’ll try and squeeze a bit of recording in there somewhere.

Andy: Try and write a few more bangers.

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