Student Radio from Scotland's Capital


Q. I can’t make my show this week. What should I do?
A. We have a 3 strike policy for missing shows- if you get 3 strikes, FreshAir's committee will consider taking your show off the schedule. If you need to miss your show, let the Head of Programming know in advance ( and then post in FreshAir Members facebook group asking for someone to cover you. If you cover someone else's show you will earn back a strike as compensation.

Q. Where can I access show recordings?

A. Recordings are automatically added to our Google Drive, available here.

Q. How do I make a Broadcast Controls log-in for my show? 
A. Click here, fill in your details and make sure to select your show from the drop-down menu.
You will get a confirmation email with a link to confirm your account (this may wind up in your spam inbox so have a look)! Any trouble, email

Q. What is the studio door code?
A. If you have a show, you should have been emailed this before broadasting started!

Q. What is the log-in for the studio computer?
A. Username is .\freshair and the password is freshair

Q. How do I go on-air?
A. Open the Broadcast Controls app on the desktop, sign in with your email address, and then select your show. Click the image in the left toolbar to go live!
NB: if you are leaving the studio, and no one is on after you, make sure to go off-air again!

Q. Where can I find the jingles?
A. If you open Cartwall and there are no jingles, click 'Load Set', go to the Jingles folder and select the Cartwall file.

Q. Where can I find Top of the Hour?
A. Top of the Hour should load itself into mAirlist at 5 mins before the hour- you just play it like a normal track. If you still need to find it, it's on the desktop- just drag it into mAirlist!

Q. What do I do if mAirlist crashes?
A. Unfortunately this does happen! Relaunch mAirlist and in the meantime, chat to fill the silence or play a song through Windows Media Player with the PC1 fader up.

Q. What do I do if there is a problem with broadcasting and I can't go on-air?
Unfortunately this also happens from time to time. If this happens, record your show using Audacity (like you did with your demo!). You can then upload it to a Mixcloud account, or send it to and ask our Head of Marketing to post it on FreshAir's Mixcloud!

Q. How many people are listening to my show?
A. We don’t make listening figures available because we believe that student radio should be about creativity and gaining experience, not ego! But bear in mind that your show is going out in union buildings which see a huge amount of students through the doors.

Q. I need DJs for an event. Can anyone at FreshAir do it?
A. Speak to our Head of Events ( or post in our Events Facebook group and can spread the word on your event to get appropriate DJs based on availability, genre etc.

Q. I really want to go to this training event but I’m not sure I can afford it. Can FreshAir help?
A. FreshAir has a discretionary fund available to fund members looking to go to training events that have been publicised by the station. We can’t give you the whole amount and funding is at the discretion of treasurer and manager based on a number of factors, but we might be able to help you out. Get in touch with for help. 


Any other questions? Email our secretary ( and they will direct you to the right person!