Welcome to FreshAir.org.uk, Edinburgh’s student radio station.

Election Manifestos


Station Manager Elect

Dani Hall

I joined FreshAir.org.uk in my first year and over the last three years it has shaped my university experience massively. Now in my fourth year of being a member, I would love to help shape the society by being the next Station Manager. I would like to focus on three main points: socials, marketing and strengthening internal and external relationships. As a society, FreshAir.org.uk does an incredible job of bringing together people with shared interests. If elected, I would like to propose more focus on team socials (as well as quality over quantity) to build a sense of community within these groups.

I would also like to continue building the relationship with EUSA. I believe we can benefit from working with them and they with us. One point I would love is for EUSA to use our DJs on a more regular basis and not just as a back up option. In return, I’d hope for greater respect from EUSA and a streamlined relationship. From this I’d work to get more advertising revenue from both university based and external sources. I want to work with the new Head of Marketing/Advertising to utilise our social media platforms to network and gain connections while also finessing them to make them as effective as possible.

I believe strongly in building relationships, and if elected I would like to work with more societies to create new opportunities, events and more. In addition, I’d like to strengthen the bond with student radio organisations and competitions. I would hope that as a station we can celebrate our achievements (especially as we are a student run station) and get these recognised on a higher level. At the end of the day, my ultimate goal is for our members o create work we are both proud of and they have enjoyed making.

Assistant Manager Elect

Amrita Singh-Morgan

My role as secretary over the past year has given me a solid understanding of how this station is organised and run. I feel confident that I could lead a fresh-faced committee, allowing them to put their ideas into action.

As assistant manager, I would help to increase the promotion of shows through social media, posting from the FreshAir page and helping hosts with their own online presence. Not only would this raise our profile but it would also make it easier to find out about other people’s shows, which would give greater possibilities for collaboration.

I would also aim to set up a system for people who do not want to commit to a weekly show, but would prefer one-off slots that suit their busy schedules. This would make it easier to fill dead air and encourage the less-confident members.

I think that training could also be developed, and would like to provide more opportunities for people to learn how to use the studio equipment and DJ decks throughout the semester. Teaching people how to use the zoom mics would also give them the confidence to branch beyond the student bubble and broadcast a greater range of events.

Finally, I think it’s of vital important to increase our internal communication so that new ideas on the running of the station do not only come from the committee, but also from the general members, who’s experiences and interests are invaluable. By getting regular feedback we can make sure that everyone is getting the most out of this society.

I am a hard-worker and have a lot of love for FreshAir and its members, so please vote for me!

Secretary Elect

Rianna Andrews

Hi, my name is Rianna and even though I only joined FreshAir this year, I would really love to have the role of secretary on next year’s committee. Being a first year, I have loved being a part of the station so far as I believe that it’s a good community and I have enjoyed discovering how a radio station is integrated into a student environment. I currently have my own show on the station, after being a producer for a show last semester but I would like to get more involved with the society and I feel the best way for me to do this is through the role of secretary.

I feel that I would suit the role not only because I am hard-working but because I have a real desire gain a better understanding of how the station is run to hopefully help me contribute to the society in later years to come, from a perspective of someone with prior knowledge of the workings of the station (but only if you would want to vote for me then too!). I would like to finish by saying that as this station is something that I care immensely about, I am sure to give this role my complete dedication.

Treasurer Elect

Maddie Brooks

Hello, I’m Maddie, I’m FreshAir’s current treasurer and I’m running for the position again! I’ve been a committed member of FreshAir for 3 years, and have really enjoyed being a part of committee this year. I’ve managed the position of treasurer very well, and kept the station in a great financial position. I’ve also previously held two positions on the Swimming and Water Polo Club committee, the 2nd of which was Sponsorship and Fundraising, which gave me good insight into the financial side of running a society. I’m very comfortable in the position and know I could continue to do a great job as treasurer.

Head of Arts Elect

Kathrine Payne

Hey, I’m Kathrine and I’m currently soaking up the culture on my year abroad in Amsterdam, but can’t wait to return to Edinburgh’s fantastic arts scene! I would love to continue the exciting work Lucy has been doing as Head of Arts this year, with all the same commitment and creativity.

Just an overview of things I’m interested in: I’ve done Freshair since first year, running two music and discussion shows last year, and reviewing Eden festival. I’ve done loads of productions with Edinburgh student theatre groups since first year, so have strong connections with these committees. I also wrote for ECA’s history of art magazine, Canvas, which aimed to bridge the gap between arts events at ECA and main campus; this is something I’d love the show to do too. I’m really interested in diversity in the arts, so would love to do a segment giving a platform to those often under-represented in the arts. Lucy has forged really strong links with committees and press offices around Edinburgh, and I’ll prioritise maintaining these relationships (and press tickets!!). Overall I would love to head a show promoting the whole scope of Edinburgh’s arts scene, and get as many diverse, original student voices involved as possible.

Head of Sport Elect

Daniel Brookes

Hi everyone, my name is Dan and I’d love to be the station’s next Head of Sport. I’ve been with the station since the start of this year and have worked with our current head of sport, Conor, on the FreshAir Sport show.

With several of our Sport members graduating or leaving for Years Abroad next year, I hope to continue the good work done this year in reporting on Edinburgh and university sport, as well as to maintain our good relationships with the football teams we have covered in the city, as well as the rugby and ice hockey teams. This year we’ve had members of the Hibs Ladies team and several international standard student athletes interviewed in the studio, as well as features on several university teams, and I am confident we can continue these segments next year.

I would also try to improve our reporting on womens sports as although we have done some this year on the female students involved in the Scotland national rugby team, and the University football team linking up with Hutcheson Vale, I feel more could be done to cover their games etc on a more regular basis.

Thanks for your time and I hope you will consider me.

Head of Music Elect

Elinor O’Donovan

Hi guys! I would love to be the next Head of Music in order to continue the immense creativity, energy and enthusiasm that Mia has put in this past year. As Head of Music, I would:

  1. Hold weekly meetings to discuss music news, gig news & create a weekly playlist of new releases (extended to releases from the last 4 weeks). Meetings would be publicised online to encourage attendance.
  2. Continue to create new segments for the Music Team Hub show which anyone can volunteer to host: music news, genre-specific playlists, album reviews, ‘Headphones of Edinburgh’, ‘On this Day in Music History’, Erasmus students’ experiences of live music abroad.
  3. Work with Training/Development to get members lessons on using Audacity & portable microphones so that anyone can record a segment for the Hub show and have it played without them having to be in the studio each week.
  4. Continued collaboration with the Student Newspaper, to publicise our weekly playlist in print/online and to give FreshAir members opportunities to review gigs for the paper and then speak about their live reviews on our Hub show.
  5. Create a Music team Spotify account for our weekly new-releases playlist, genre-specific playlists and entries to playlist competitions such as ‘Spotify Soundclash’.

I have been part of FreshAir’s Music team since starting uni, and from these few years of experience have seen what works best in running the Music team.

I have hosted my own show ‘Lemonade’ for the last two years which plays an eclectic mixture of music and I have an active interest and passion for just about any genre. I believe that the Music team’s show should represent the diversity of music tastes within our group and I believe that I am the right candidate to ensure this.

Head of Programming Elect

Chloe McCallum

Within the community of FreshAir, the thing that stands out to me the most is the amazing diversity of its members. I love the wide range of shows currently broadcasting and would love the opportunity to develop these further by becoming the head of programming.

If I was elected, I would like to continue the hard work of the current team by creating a schedule that runs smoothly and is fun for all members involved. I would also love to create a system of cross promotion between shows, particularly those with similar music/talk themes in order to push listeners towards more content they will enjoy. I would also like to review the process regarding repeatedly unused slots, allowing times to be readvertised in order to ensure we are filling as much air time as possible with the great content FreshAir members make! I would also like to encourage more members to promote their shows via FreshAir’s twitter page as well as promoting each show with their own section on FreshAir’s website.

I am approachable, hardworking and have the organisational and problem-solving skills required for the role, as well as the commitment to manage scheduling. I realise how important it is to balance out the various shows in the week whilst also ensuring everyone can have a show time best suited to them. I love the weekly experience of presenting a show myself and would love the opportunity to become more involved at FreshAir and I am confident that I have all the qualities to fit the Head of Programming role so please vote for me!

Social Sec Elect

Elsa Hill

Hello! I’m Elsa and applying to be Social Sec next year. I joined FreshAir when I first came to Edinburgh, have produced 3 shows and was ‘Best Producer 2016’, as well as presenting one offs for International Women’s Day and the Hub Music Team.

A difficulty for FreshAir lies in the fact that many members do their show every week, but don’t participate in the social aspects of being part of the radio team. Apart from the formal training at the beginning of the semester, there are no compulsory activities which makes it hard to meet other people who do FreshAir. As a first year I was slightly intimidated by the prospect of going to my first social by myself, however it was fine as I met Rianna and now we attend the events together. It would be good if there were a system of pairing new members, who might not know anyone, together, so they would be more likely to come to events at the beginning.

The FreshAir community could be strengthened by having more activities such as pub quizzes, ‘speed dating’, and a regular night where people have the chance to pre and then go out together. The benefits of having a more social community would include better opportunities for collaborations between different shows, more people attending our events such as Bump n’ Grind and therefore more revenue for FreshAir, and more people attending events such as the Media Ball and therefore more revenue for Waverley Care.

Head of News Elect

Ronan Barnard

News and FreshAir have been pursuits of mine throughout my time at Edinburgh, starting in First Year, when I became a member of Fresh Air and presented my first show. Since then, I have had a show on Fresh Air, apart from this year, since I am in Moscow. I have also worked with Edinburgh Flipside in my time at Edinburgh, giving me experience of working with news articles, editing, and working quickly to ensure that the subject doesn’t move out of the public eye before you report on it. Of course, Flipside is a satirical student publication, but these skills are also needed in FreshAir. I have also done work experience at the Sunday Telegraph, copy-editing and researching for the publication, which is useful experience I could bring to the Fresh Air News Team and the EdQT debate.

I would like to be Head of News at Fresh Air, so that I could work more with the other Teams at the station to include small (possibly pre-recorded) news segments on other Hubs, so that there are opportunities for less experienced members of the News Team to present news segments outside of the News Team Hub, which may be inconvenient for them. This would also allow other shows to fill time on their own shows if that have not prepared adequately, by playing pre-recorded news reports from our team members. I would also like to publicise weekly reports on concerts, matches and shows in Edinburgh, which I could be done with cooperation from the Music Team and the Sports Team. These reports will be pre-recorded, available for all shows, and will ideally only run for up to two minutes. This will only be done if there is sufficient demand for the work from the members, of course.

Head of Marketing Elect

Mary Sheard

Hi, my name is Mary and I’m a third year, studying abroad. Being a member of FreshAir has been a highlight of my time in Edinburgh so far, and I’ve loved discovering new tunes with Kezia on our indie music show (Indiecent Exposure) and getting involved with the music team. This year, I studied at the University of Connecticut and became a member of the radio station here, WHUS, taking a course in live-production and mixing and joining their events and marketing team.

I would love to use this variety of experience, along with my creativity and reliability, to help make Fresh Air even better. To give one example, I worked alongside the live production team at UCONN to help promote their valentine’s-themed gig series. As always, the budget was an issue but we funded the promotions and marketing entirely by enlisting the help of the university-run sexual health clinic. In fact, this allowed us to be even more creative, with some fun tongue-in-cheek branding, such as free condoms with the slogan “put us on for a good time (91.7fm)”, and ultimately, the event was a huge success.

I think FreshAir is such an exciting group of people and has so much to offer the rest of the University, and even wider Edinburgh. I would love to put my skills and enthusiasm into working further on our representation and promotions so that more of Edinburgh can get to know the FreshAir I love.

Head of Production Elect

Cassandra Fox

FreshAir.org.uk was the first society I joined in my first year and it has continuously inspired my time at university. Now entering my fourth year, I want to help shape the society that has shaped me so much. I am running for Head of Production to continue Andrew’s work creating a strong team of producers who regularly interact with their shows (and more) to make the best content possible. As Head of Production, I will focus on two main things: strengthening bonds between producers, as well as producers and their shows, and encouraging production outside of the station. I will continue to work with Programming to make sure that scheduling and covers are running properly. I will implement producer socials to invigorate the team, discussing production and methods in which we can act to improve the station. For FreshAir members interested in music production, I would like to create a group that inspires and encourages such pursuits. I would also like to encourage members DJing, creating ties with the Dance Music Society to get FreshAir involved in their DJ Workshops. In my time at FreshAir, I have co-hosted a music show and hosted my own show, Catharsis. I have become an active member of the Music Team, contributing to the playlist in The Student and even writing gig reviews. I have also been nominated for ‘Best Presenter’ two years in a row. I feel confident that with my longstanding experience at FreshAir, as well as my passion for music and music production, I can help lead the station as Head of Production.

Head of Events Elect

Sophie Smith

Hello! My name is Sophie. I have been with FreshAir for two years and have been Head of Fundraising this past year. I have loved being on the committee and have worked very hard on various projects including the Media Ball.

I want to continue the success of events such a BO$$Y and reinvigorate the classic Bump and Grind night. I also feel there is a great need for new nights to be prosed and put on. I would like to create a platform to do so by working closely with the Music Team and Social Sec. I think there needs to be a better consistency and continuity of marketing for these events and they need to be advertised sooner. I would like to work closely with Head of Design to create new, fresh posters to bring new life to our classic nights.

I also feel that the role of Head of Events should expand beyond planning club nights. I would like to be involved with all events from Music and Arts events to social events; helping organise, plan and promote them which should hopefully increase attendance and involvement. I think that the success of the Media Ball is proof that I have the skills and commitment to make this upcoming years events better than ever.