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Election Manifestos

The Annual General Meeting will be held at 18.00 on Thursday the 28th of March at Teviot Dining Room. All memebers are welcome and encouraged to attend and vote.

FreshAir Committee Manifestos 2019/2020


Secretary - Jessica Cave

Hi, My name is Jessica and I am running to be Secretary for FreshAir next year. This past year I have been an avid member of the Music and news team while also my running my own show. I am applying to be secretary next year as I wish to have a more close relationship to the freshair team and want to help a society I love. My previous job was social media manager for a company so i feel this role will suit me perfectly.  I will be an organised, dedicated member over the freshair community. As secretary I will attempt to create a seamless organization of freshair to help the ever-growing society with new members and old. From working on the News team last year i know what it is like to have to write articles with a small amount of notice due to the quick turnaround of news stories and so can handle the stress entailed with organising things in a fast time period. As your Secretary I will attempt to create a freshair background environment so the rest of the society feels looked after and like they only need to worry about what their role entails and nothing else.


Production Manager - Brónagh Grace


My name’s Brónagh and I’m running to be FreshAir’s new Production Manager A little about me I make pretty good banana bread,which I’d be willing to bring to production meetings (outside the studiot!). I got a radio alarm fro mr twelfth birthday because I wanted to wake up to the radio because I was already that in love.


What I’d love to do:


Production Manager - Michael Forward

Hey there, my name is Michael and I have been a member of FreshAir and its Production Team for the last two years, winning the Producer of the Year award for 2018. I am running to take over the role of Production Manager and would like to continue the growth of the team and its importance within the station. As the scope of FreshAir increases I believe the Production Team will be incredibly useful and would like to focus on:

I am confident I have the experience and commitment to be your Production Manager.


Programming Manager - Rianna Andrews

Hey I’m Rianna, and I’m running again for the position of Head of Programming! Going in to my final year at university, I would like to continue my role as head of programming and being a member of the committee as I have thoroughly enjoyed it. I would like to continue to oversee the growth of our exciting, brand new Studio 2 and curate shows that are broadcast daily in our On Air studio too.

I found that in my role, I have overcome some challenges that have been involved in organising the studio’s schedule and hope to find ways of more effectively arranging the shows according to the availability of our members. I feel like the vetting process can be improved also to make sure that members who want to have their own shows are able to demonstrate their enthusiasm in creating them and the exciting concepts they may have, in order to suitably match them with producers who share their interests; improving the high standard of content that we are already producing at FreshAir. I also want to find more ways to make our On & Off-Air broadcasting more accessible to people who may want to get into radio, something which I hope to build on from my previous year in this role from the connections I made with other societies for our special broadcast events.

I really love FreshAir, which I believe is shown through my hard-working nature and desire to help make our society the best it can be.


Marketing Manager - Felix Rackow

As Marketing Manager for, my main goal would be to increase cross-promotion of shows. I think the quality of the content produced really speaks for itself, and so I propose a forum where members are able to share what is coming up on their shows, for others to promote. This information could also perhaps be compiled into a weekly jingle (‘This Week On Freshair’) to be played out during the week, could be displayed on the screens in EUSA venues, or even compiled into a weekly public mailing list. If presenters’ friends and family tune in to one show for an hour a week, then more cross-promotion would be really useful to increase overall listenership. I think that social media marketing is also really important for the Freshair brand, and I would love to figure out a way of allowing members to directly post promotional material for their own shows on our pages. I also love the idea of guerrilla marketing, particularly to students who share everything online – this would be an entertaining way to promote the station and get people talking. With regards to my personal suitability for the role; I have experience in social media marketing, having used software such as TweetDeck to promote shows at a local theatre during a two week placement. I also have experience marketing a radio station, having helped to promote my local station (Wandsworth Radio) at various events, as well as promoting my own show on their social media feeds.


Events Manager - Carly Beehler

I am applying for the position of Events Manager at FreshAir because of my love of the station and my past experience. As Head of Music this year, I organised the Nina Nesbitt Meet and Greet. This was extremely successful for ourselves, and was equally as successful for Nesbitt herself, as we got more than double the expected turn out. In addition to this, I organised the weekly Music Team meetings. I absolutely loved putting these together and would truly enjoy organising more events.


Through my experience at FreshAir I have found I genuinely love putting together events. I am extremely organised and hard working, as proven by my time as Head of Music. I have also developed wonderful professional contacts, and in general learned how to conduct myself within a professional atmosphere. I am very excited to be running for this role because I love FreshAir and all it does!


Training Manager - Matthew Sedman

I have really enjoyed my time as Head of Arts this last year, and my love for the society has grown. I would really like the opportunity to have a go at the position of 'Head of Training' because I think my skill set is suited towards a successful execution of this position, and because I think it will give me valuable insight into a potential career future. Having conducted a couple of training sessions at the start of Semester 1, I feel confident that I will be able to implement a concise and accessible training programme for all members. I would like to centralise the handbook (in terms of its accessibility online and paper copies in the studio) as well as producing a 'cheat sheet' for other committee members who are running training so there is cross-board consistency, I would like to implement a training plan for studio 2 that both trains people at the start of the year and makes it possible to join in later on (thus making the society even more welcoming) and I would like to take an active role in trying to alleviate some of the stress from the tech experts when it comes to answering queries regarding the equipment. I would also like to look into producing the aforementioned 'training videos' - realistically, I don't know if this would be possible to complete in a year but I am keen to get the ball rolling.


Head of Music - Finn Marsden

I have been part of the music team for two years now and it has grown to be my favourite part of the station. It’s a brilliant opportunity for us like-minded music addicts to display our very different tastes in artists, whilst also having a place to socialise and get to know new people. Over the past year I have acted as Head of Training for FreshAir which has given me a real insight into how be part of the committee, as well as how a Head of Music should act in committee. I’ve had the honour of seeing both Elinor and Carly as Heads of Music and I have loved to see the ideas that both have brought to the table. I know that as Head I could do the same by keeping the things that work so well as well as improving, updating and introducing brand new ideas.

Some of my personal goals include:


Head of Music - Jessica Cave

My name is Jessica, and I am running to be Head of Music next year. I am a dedicated Freshair member who has run a show since the beginning of the year and helped co-host a couple of my friends shows. I am a committed Newsteam member where I write articles each week and am the leader of the ‘Arts’ section. I am also a Music team member where I review concerts and help review the music for each week. Both of these I believe displays my enthusiasm for the station. Carly’s running of music team has been so enjoyable that part of my goals for next year would be to keep up the grounding in communal aspect and organisation she has put in place. But to further this, my main focus would be engaging an even broader audience in the music team. As head of music, I will incorporate the local music scene with a seamless connection to Freshair making it place for known for the hub of music in Edinburgh.

Further, I will promote the music-team hub show by encouraging more guests and reviews to be read and discussed on air. I will also support more writing from the music team members to make the team about what individuals love. I will encourage if anyone feels passionate about music to write about it to create a larger online-sphere connected directly to the Fresh-air music team community.  I also will introduce an artist of the month and moment which further gains the music-teams name and recognition as a place to find out about music. Lastly, I will launch social media such as Instagram directly for the music team to promote our reviews and articles to a broader and more accessible audience. Vote for me, and you will have an organised and proactive music team leader who wants to create encouraging a loving space for all to be involved!


Head of Music - Kris Marcinkus

I’m here to propose why I should be your next Head of Music.

To begin with, I love music.

Furthermore, I’ve already been a committee member. I was Head of Tech from 2017 to 2018. This means I know the way in which committee agenda should be conducted – common challenges, possible solutions.

I would like to get more live performances at Freshair – live or pre-recorded broadcasts from other locations – we could do this from, for example, the Alison House studios. Also, I’m a Music and Music Tech student, therefore, I know the logistical and technical details of attempting something as such. I have ties to some promoters, bands. I’ve helped put on club nights, recorded bands and during my few years in Edinburgh I’ve come to know the music scene here reasonably well.

I would cover as many genres as possible (yes, even country) on the Music team radio show, inviting different people to feature on it.  

I’d start a music podcasting series – long-form talks with musicians in Edinburgh or beyond. This would range from classical composers to rock bands. Hopefully this would allow for the music team to reach a larger audience.

I want to be part of not only the committee community, but also to bring in as much activity from Freshair members to get involved with our initiatives that don’t stop with simply doing their own show.

I’m excited to build a music team and work together to make something we’re proud of.


Head of Arts - Jelena Sofronijevic

Hello! I’m Jelena, and I would love to be Head of Arts next year. I’m keeping my manifesto as simple as ABC:




I’ve had a show on FreshAir for the last two years, as well as interviewing and reviewing artists throughout FreshFringe 2018. I’m active in the arts, including Bedlam Theatre, FilmSoc, and past work with Underbelly, and I hope to use these connections to get many more people involved in the Arts Team next year.


Head of Arts - Jessica Cave

Hi, I’m Jessica Cave, and I’m running to be Head of Arts next year. Although I was not involved in the art team directly last year, this does not mean I was not an avid member of the Freshair community. I have ran my show all year and co-host a couple of my friend's shows.  Last year I decided to focus my time between Music Team’s meetings and News team where I write articles each week on current events. But it is not as if I am shy from the arts around Edinburgh - In fact, I ran the arts section for news team. My goals for Head of Arts are as follows: I will to create stronger links between the arts-team and other ECA and other EUSA arts-based venues to engage more listeners by having interviews on-air, live performances on air so the team becomes known throughout the uni arts world. I will also create a community of hosts for the arts-team hub-show like with Newsteam where there is an emphasis on community family-like feel about the enviroment. I also will up the advertisement for the arts-team where people around the uni other than FreshAir will know the name by putting flyers up and offering artists to come on air to advertise shows it will engage more listeners to the show. Vote for me, and you will have a fun, organised arts-team host who is dedicated to making next year anenjoyable and successful year.


Head of News - Ella Kopeikin

Hello, my name is Ella Kopeikin and I’m excited to run for Head of News next year. Never one to shy away from a microphone, in my first year as a student at Edinburgh I have been a very active member of Freshair. I have my own show, It’s All Happening, in which I discuss a genre and decade of music and its history and am also a loyal member of Freshair news. Each week for news I write articles, travel pieces, the occasional movie review, choose songs for the week’s theme, and tie up any extra loose ends. Plus, this semester I’ve taken over running tech for the team. My ideas for news next year are in two parts. First, this year I was one of only 3 or 4 people on the team and while we grew to be like family, I want to encourage more people to join. I plan to do this by updating the Freshair news page weekly with team pieces, providing articles and interviews which will hopefully make the team less daunting and the news community more accessible. Next, because of the preparation and amount of talking the team requires news tends to be seen as one of Freshair’s less groovy groups. My idea to change this is to emphasise the perspective of each team member so people tune in not just for the week’s news but for the personality of the show. Overall, I want Freshair news to be both informative and fun.


Design Manager - Millie Player

Hi, I’m Millie and I’m running for design manager. I am currently a first year History student, although I do have a creative background. I completed an art foundation diploma at Falmouth University, and was previously going to study fine art photography at GSA. I have experience in a variety of art mediums and worked with people in many artistic areas on my foundation course. Therefore, I have an understanding of merging different ideas and techniques to create a piece of work, or in this case design content.

I recently noticed the logo change for Fresh Air and I really see the potential in visually spreading the branding of Fresh Air around University locations to increase awareness. Additionally, I think that the station could really benefit from selling Fresh Air merch at events; for example t-shirts, posters and stickers. To do this I think that we should collaborate frequently with ECA, whether that be through working with artists, or providing music for Art exhibitions or events where we could promote the creative side of the station.


Webmaster - Yu-Jo Tseng and Samuel MacLeod

As a webmaster, next year I'd like to work towards a more reliable streaming infrastructure, one that has a more stable connection and does not fail as frequently. This would improve the experience of both presenters who have limited time allocated to them for live shows and listeners who probably don't want their ears blasted by Beyonce cutting in for a second. This would involve looking at different tech stacks that we could use instead of Liquidsoap and possibly also existing paid solutions if our budget allows for it.

Another thing I'd like to work on but is less of a priority is adding more features to the website, which was something we unfortunately didn't get to this year due to streaming difficulties. Some ideas we've come up with include better sorting of shows, a subscription system and a better admin user interface. Of course we will discuss with the committee before making any changes to the website.

I will continue to support the committee and our members with any tech issues. Next year I'll also be graduating (hopefully) so I'll start looking for a replacement webmaster towards the end of the year.


Technical Manager - Olesya Lesyk


Social Secretary - Jen Logan

I feel like I’d make a good social secretary because I’m genuinely enthusiastic about the purpose of the role. It can be very easy to be quite insular in FreshAir and just go along to your show once a week, and socials help to challenge that. I’d love to try increase the amount of socials, even very casual ones, and make sure they’re advertised to members on multiple platforms to make them as accessible as possible and ensure people are getting the most out of their FreshAir experience! I really believe in the families idea and think I’d enjoy executing it. As a relatively new member and presenter I can remember what it’s like to be finding your feet and still feel like I am in lots of ways. If the option had been available to me I know I definitely would’ve taken it as I’m sure lots of others would, and I believe it has the potential to be extremely helpful to members and encourage people to sign up that wouldn’t have before due to nervousness about learning how the society works. The meet the parents social also seems like a really fun idea and I think including some team building and get to know me elements would be fab. Overall I think I can bring what I’ve learned over the past year to the role and help ensure the members of FreshAir are having the best possible experience they can and making the society as fun and sociable as it can be.