Welcome to FreshAir.org.uk, Edinburgh’s student radio station.

Discretionary Fund Application

FreshAir.org.uk runs a discretionary fund for members. The fund is open to all members to apply to if they need extra funding to make it to training, workshops, events etc publicised by FreshAir.org.uk. Please note that it should only be applied for when needed – the fund is designed to improve accessibility and should be available first and foremost to those who need it most.

We can’t offer full funding but can fund up to 1/3 of your expenses. However, funding is at the discretion of the Treasurer and Manager and may not always be made available. Decisions are taken based on a number of factors including your overall contribution to the station and whether or not you’ve received money from the fund before.

Details of your application will not be shared with anyone apart from the Manager and Treasurer.

Please copy and paste the form below and send a completed version to manager@freshair.org.uk and treasurer@freshair.org.uk.

1. Name:

2. Reason for Application (details of event etc):

3. Total Expense of Event (travel, ticket price etc - estimate is fine):

4. Total Amount Applied For (up to 1/3 of total):

5. Contact Email: