FreshAir is for everyone. We welcome members both  from within and outside of the university, and we help people produce  shows on everything from political issues and local news to reggae  music, film reviews, science, pop, unsigned bands and more.

If you don’t want to get in front of a mic quite yet, you can also  get involved with our HUB shows? These are flagship shows fronted by an  experienced presenter and with an open-door policy for any member to go  along and contribute, learn the ropes and get some experience and  confidence. Check the programming schedule to find out when they are on!

Maybe live radio isn’t for you. We also offer a  pre-recording studio where you can record a podcast and edit it to your  heart’s content, or where you can get involved with making jingles and  soundbites.

If you'd like to meet other FreshAir Members with similar interests,  and work on one of the HUB Shows, join one of the many hardworking teams  within the station, such as music, news, arts, sport, production,  events and marketing.

Just signing up as a member will get you loads of benefits,  especially if you’re looking for a career in media! Contributions to  FreshAir from Edinburgh University students are also recognised as part  of the new ‘Edinburgh Media Award’. would love to have you on board- so here are the instructions for getting involved!

How to apply for your own show:

If you would like to present your own show on, we  open up our broadcasting schedule at the start of every semester  (September and January).

Step 1: Apply for membership on EUSA's website.

Step 2: Attend studio training.

Both new and old members must attend studio training every academic  year in order to be eligible for their own show. Training occurs at the  start of each academic semester. Join the “FreshAir Members” Facebook group,  or contact our Secretary ([email protected]) and join our  mailing list in order to be notified when the sign-up sheet for training  goes live.

Step 3: Record a demo.

Following studio training, you will be able to sign-up to use the  studio for an hour in order to record your demo. Your demo will show us  that you know how to use the studio controls and will give us an idea  about what your show is going to be. The sign-up sheet for recording a  demo is sent out as a newsletter and posted in our Facebook group after  training.

Step 4: Submit a show application.

Once you have recorded your demo, you submit it along with a  completed presenters contract and show application form. Signing the  presenters contract means you have read and promise to abide by  FreshAir’s rules, and the show application form allows you to tell us  more about your show and when you would like it to be. The presenters  contract and show application form are posted in the FreshAir Members Facebook group and sent out as a newsletter following Training dates.

Step 5: Our Head of Programming listens to everyone’s demo and puts  together the schedule. If your application is successful you’ll be given  a one-hour slot during the week.

Step 6: Broadcast Launch! Once the Head of Programming has posted the  broadcasting schedule, we hold a Broadcast Launch event. From then, the  schedule will run and it will be your responsibility to broadcast your  show each week!

How to produce a show:

Production is at the heart of radio, it's what makes a programme  stand out from the crowd and ensures everything runs as smooth as  possible. Producers are key to making good radio programmes through  co-ordinating with presenters, liasoning with guests, and helping to  organise and make radio features. At, the production  team is a great way to meet people and get started with learning these  skills in a low stress environment!

Producers get assigned to shows and it is up to the presenter and  producer to decide the nature of their role. Some people need help with  research, others need help with interviews, features and recording  soundbites.

Join the Production Team Facebook group to find out more about becoming a producer and register your interest.

Other Ways to Get Involved

Aside from having your own show, there are lots of ways you can get  involved. We have teams you can join depending on your interests,  including Music, Arts, News, Sport, Design, Production and  Tech. Each  team looks after different aspects of our station. Why not join their  Facebook groups if you think you might be interested in finding out  more?

For updates and opportunities, it is recommended that you join our main group “FreshAir Members”.

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