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Waverley Care, proud supporters of Scotland’s Waverley Care!

From Media Balls to Naked Christmas Carols, Radio Marathons and Naked Calendars FreshAir have had both the most exciting and nerve-wracking experiences fundraising for Waverley Care, and inspired by their longstanding dedication to help those affected by HIV and Hepatitis C we cannot wait to see what journey FreshAir for Waverley Care takes us on next.

With such innumerous amazing, innovative feats of fundraising in aid of Waverely Care we can only hope to top our successes in the years to come and raise further awareness for this valuable charity.

University of Edinburgh’s student radio station has an incredibly important, long and continued relationship with Waverley Care, where we have already raised over £8000 to support their vital work.

What is Waverley Care?

Waverley Care is Scotland’s HIV and Hepatitis C charity who, with a diverse team of inspiring people aim to make a positive difference for those affected by HIV or Hepatitis C in Scotland - this includes reducing infection, early diagnosis and helping those affected by these conditions in any way they need. With FreshAir we aim to raise awareness of these conditions amongst young people to help tackle stigma and with this knowledge, reduce transmission.

More about Waverley Care:

A word of thanks:

To Elizabeth Clarke for her hard work and continued dedication to Waverley Care and Fresh Air alike and huge thanks to Lisa Morrison from Waverley Care, for her time and patience to teach us more about the charity itself as well as her inspiring, hopeful and contagious enthusiasm to make this world a more positive place.